Las Vegas is Spanish for “the meadows”, and was named after lush green fields that early pioneers found around natural springs in the area. We’re bringing Las Vegas back to its green roots as an oasis for medical marijuana patients.

During construction of the Hoover Dam, and the city’s population grew quickly with people looking for work. These new residents needed entertainment so casinos and showgirl theaters followed them into town. Even federal prohibition of alcohol couldn’t stop these workers from enjoying the fruits of their labor. In 1931, Nevada legalized gambling and Las Vegas laid the foundation which would make it the gaming capital of the modern world.

2014 marked another turning point in Nevada history with the repeal of medical marijuana prohibition. Nevada’s law allows medical marijuana card holders from other states to purchase their medication while visiting the state. We provide the highest quality cannabis from the largest dispensaries in Las Vegas which is just a short distance from The Strip.

Nevada has always been a destination for pioneers looking for a fresh start and more dynamic way of life. We hope to carry on that tradition in a trail blazing industry that makes people healthier and happier.